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Our in-house leasing Module is an excellent tool for calculating payments, recording payment histories, tracking late fees and keeping detailed financial records.

Our graphical user interface allows users to manage accounts and track payments from lease customers with comfort and speed. As you view current leases in the main window, you can simultaneously see payment records and any notes you’ve made about your customer in the bottom window. Color coding tells you which payments are on time and which are late, and you can set the system to issue late notices automatically. Our Form and report generator allows users to design their own notices, customize our generic letters and build your own custom reports. You can drag any field (i.e. “customer name,” “days late”) from your customer data into the text so it’s always tailored to the recipient.

Automated payments can also be tracked separately in LHPH, with detailed calendars that show you when your money will be processed and whether any prior payments were declined. Set up your accounts and we’ll notify you daily which payments are due so you can charge them all with one button.

Buy Here Pay Here and Lease Here Pay Here Rent to Own departments are being adopted by franchise dealers at a rapid rate. These Incredibly important software tools providing the ability to sell to credit challenged individuals have become very profitable and less risky Dealership-In-house Finance company.  Cash, lease, Rent to own (in-house leasing) and third-party lender transactions are supported. Our Lease/Buy-Here Pay-Here module has all the tools needed for day to day operation, including NSF transactions, automatic late fees, postponing payments, buyback, un-wind procedures, collections and full integration with QuickBooks makes this module a full-featured In-house Lender Platform. A complete report section and correspondence area for printing payment coupons, late notices, repossession letters, complete with invoice generation and tracking for expenses occurring after sale.


  • Automated, recurring payment processing (w⁄ email confirmation)
  • Advanced late fee tracking⁄collection
  • Streamlined payment collection window
  • Create custom letter templates that get filled with unique info for each lessee
  • Manage automated payment schedules
  • Track mileage history

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