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Web marketing campaigns and great, a professionally looking dealer web site should be a part of the sales and management strategy of every dealer.
You simply can not afford to do business the old fashion way!

Dealer-Mate will build your website to be a digital domain of your inventory and will help you to sell your inventory and create the ever so important trust and credibility in your dealership. Your site will reflect your unique personality, will reveal and tell the story of who you really are, what are your main goals in this business and what kind of quality product you are delivering to your inventory buyers.

Your website is your face, is it not?

So your face should attract and draw attention to your message and reach out to your potential buyers and repeatable customers.

Dealer-Mate web designers are the expert on how to present your vehicle inventory and services to a very savvy and smart automobile buyers nationwide and in your area in particular via personalized dealer websites.

Build and manage your own site with or without our help!

With Dealer-Mate’s advanced content management system, and 24/7 unrestricted site content you can easily create sophisticated web page designs without requiring any knowledge of HTML. Drag and drop, copy and paste the elements to add new features to your web page and move them around. Add anything you want — an animated slideshow, a video, a credit application, a loan calculator, another inventory list, a contact form, etc. — to any page you want. You can enable and disable any page, alter the page titles and menu button labels, change the page order and menu order, and add custom pages and menu headings at will.

Every Dealer-Mate potential client or existing customer should consider including a personalized Dealership Website seamlessly connected to and integrated with your Dealer-Mate DMS software.

You can select from several professionally designed themes and templates with a variety of color schemes to build your website. You can upload a banner image of your own, or entrust one our graphic designers to develop one for you for a small additional cost.

Dealer-Mate website design platform system gives you complete control over your website, allowing you to make changes to your website immediately, without requiring a professional website designer or having to go through your website hosting company. Of course, if you’d like professional help, our talented staff can assist you with everything from simple tasks like changing some text on your homepage, to search engine optimization, complete custom website design.Vehicles added to your Dealer-Mate’s inventory section are automatically added to your website,  with a single click on the “save” button, and displayed using your selected listing template and options. Sold vehicles will continue to be displayed until they are recapped and archived, and are clearly marked as sold. Vehicle specials are highlighted and displayed prominently.

Batch Uploads to Major Sites

Share more of your unique vehicle inventory with interested buyers than ever before, while investing dramatically less time. Our batch upload tools send listings to Craigslist, Autotrader, eBay, cars, yahoo cars, Backpage and many others that upload gradually, giving you maximum exposure without the time drain.

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Dealer-Mate’s reporting engine is driven by Google Analytics, the gold standard in tracking website statistics. See stats like mobile device traffic, average time on site and which vehicles draw the most consumer interest, organized in clear and colorful charts that make actionable trends stand out.

Based on our extensive market knowledge and with your direct input on how the website should look and appear to the visitors, we will construct your website together and with one thought in mind – To drive a highly qualified vehicle seekers traffic to your site and converting them to the buyers thus maximizing the return on your substantial investment in to your business!

Free Template Based Website with Cloud Dealer-Mate

About Dealer-Mate

Dealer-Mate was established in 1987 as a computer software service provider specializing in custom applications for the automobile dealers industry. With over 4500 clients nationwide, Dealer-Mate is now being used in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.

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